Ready to Fly

After months of tedious and intense crocheting, now it is time to pack up all my toys and get ready to fly with them tomorrow to Chiang Mai to meet their new owners.

I have mixed feelings, kind of sad to part with all my toys but at the same time, know that they will be loved by their little owners. Sigh.

To this day, when I see this picture, it still bring back fond memory! Not forgetting my injured wrist and fingers.



Little Green Dress

I have decided to rush out a simple dress for my first doll Ida. It is not polite for my little Ida to meet her new owner naked right?  😛

I did not follow any pattern. Just made rounds and rounds with some leftover green yarn. Now every minute counts and if by any chance I can just squeeze out another toy, it will be added happiness for another child!

I love how the green dress lighten up Ida’s face!  I used leftover red yarn to tie up her hair. Love her lovely smile. She seems really eager to meet her new owner.


Patrick Star!




Do you know who is he? Introducing Patrick Star, from Nickelodeon,  SpongeBob SquarePants’ best buddy.

I have actually disliked him a lot as I find him really dumb and irritating. One day while watching the Animal Planet, I came to realise that starfish actually does not have brain! Ok, that explained why Patrick behaves that way and I turned to sympathise with him.

As I watched more of their animated series (yes, I still enjoy watching cartoon with my kids), I grew to love Patrick and SpongeBob and I learned to appreciate their facts of life thinking. Through their idiotic and simple-minded ways, they lead a happy life, every little small thing amused them. Now I envy them.

My latest addition came from Kalen’s pattern. I have not been able to link back to her site, she owns the blog “Late Night Hooker”.

I decided to give a miss on sewing flowers on his pants as you know, time is really not on my side. (Yes, I just have to remind myself again and again.)

Love the bright pink and the contrasting green! Perfect!  🙂



Little Ninja

I have done up quite a few toys and I realised I needed to do something for the boys! Boys are also entitled to have dolls you know 😉

Was frantically searching the internet for patterns and I found a few wonderful sites on ninja:

Tiger Frogg

Sheep Dog’s Fleece

Sheep of Delight

I decided to try Sheep of Delight’s pattern as I believed it would be more fun for the boys to be able to remove the hood or mask as you called. Yes, it is definitely more challenging for a beginner like me as I must ensure that the hood fitted nicely with the head.

I was really, really pleased how my little ninja turned out. I have pushed my limit by getting him a really cool sword with a shoulder wrap. Another pat on my shoulder “pat”  😀

Just by thinking some little boys enjoying playing with this ninja that I have made,  give me real joy.

Look how cool is my little ninja!

SAM_0810 SAM_0811

My Pillow Bear

I have tried one of the most difficult pattern that is the doll, having to join limbs and attached hair. Phew, I think I better keep to some simpler patterns.

I realised I fumbled on the sewing part and it took up too much time so I decided to try this bear pillow pattern since it is square and only simple straight sewing up is required. Oh, and I get to learn how to change colour! 😀




My First Amigurumi Doll

I have decided to make dolls for the little girls at the orphanage so they can play dress-up. My first try in making a doll was far from easy. And yes, my sewing still sucks -_-”

I have used Alex’s Ida pattern Basic Female Doll as she is so kind to provide links on tutorials on how to join legs and attach hair.

Upon completed, I was initially flabbergasted by how my doll looks. Her head turned out to be bigger than what was shown in the pattern. Nevertheless, I got used to her “body proportion” and am proud of myself for able to complete her in less than a week (give myself a pat on the shoulder ^^ ).

More to go, fighting!!!

My first amigurumi doll