Flowers Pencil Topper for My Buddy HLuk

HLuk is another lady who I took a long time to decide what to make for her.  I know she loves flowers and likes to click her pen!  That prompted me to make these flower pencil toppers for her. I really hope she likes them and don’t find them too kiddish.

20130529_221755 20130529_221811


















Little Doggy for My Buddy, Pam

My second buddy is someone who will not go gaga over a soft toy thus I have a really hard time deciding what to make for her.  Luck was on my side when I chanced upon the book “Ami Ami Dog 2” in the public library. It gave me the idea to make a doggy for her since she was born in the year of the Dog!

After flipping through the book I began to have some hesitation. The book was in Japanese and there were so many parts to make! I was happy that I have self taught long ago on how to read a chart diagram.  Finally, I decided on the Jack Russell Terrier.

I could tell you, it was really tough for me. I really feel like crying when the dog could not hold up as its head was too heavy. After much adjustments, I have managed to use the two front legs to balance out.  Thank God!

And here presenting to you my first beautiful doggy!


20130529_000128 20130529_000156


Amineko – Mr Cool Guy

I came across a book “Hello, My Name is Amineko” in the library and I was so tempted to try out her pattern because I find the cats very cool with a lot of interesting poses.  The book has lots of cool pictures but pattern instruction not that detailed. I had a real hard time making his nose area.

I wished I have made copies of the pattern 😦

Please feel free to admire my Mr Cool Guy’s pictures.


20130515_173115 20130515_173144




Dark Coloured Doll

I wanted to try making a bigger sized doll and so here it is. I didn’t have any peach coloured yarn so I just used whatever color I have. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She has such sweet smile. I wanted to keep her for myself.




House of Blessings, Chiang Mai

I have been mentioning to you on House of Blessings since my first post. I would like to share with you on my recent visits to HOB.

House of Blessings is situated in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is a Christian home for the orphans, poor and abandoned kids. It was through the contact of my colleague OCH that we came to know this home and since then, my company has been actively involved in helping the home to raise money to improve their infrastructure so that the kids can have a better environment to live in and grow well. Money was also raised to buy baking equipment, sewing machines and building a motorcycle workshop etc to teach the children a skill of survival.

Pictures comparation of HOB from my 2 recent visits in 2011 and 2013. You could see the vast improvement we have made to the living condition of the kids.  God bless!

July 2011
July 2011-taken inside their function cum eating hall
April 2013-taken outside their new function hall
July 2011-road to HOB
April 2013-road to HOB

I was surprised with the vast changes when I visited them again in April this year. The houses have turned into concrete buildings!

Chapel 2011
Chapel 2013


Admin Office 2011
Admin Office 2011
Admin Office 2013


The kids dormitories in year 2011. It really pained me to see the condition. The whole place was very dark with scarce necessities, soft lumpy mattresses, no cupboard to keep their clothes and 2 kids had to share a bed.

SAM_0393 SAM_0394

I was very heartened to see the vast improvement in the living condition of the kids. Now they even have matching pink cabinets to keep their stuffs.

Girls’ Dormitory 2013
Boys’ Dormitory 2013
2013-exterior of dormitory with simple playground


Lastly, a picture of me and 3 prettiest young ladies I have come across!