Are You Ready for Christmas?

Halloween is not even over and now I am talking about  Christmas!  By the way, Halloween is not a big thing in Singapore. It is only ‘popular’ in recent years due to the influence by the American community living in the Woodlands area.

I always read from a number of crafty friends that they were always in a rush to make Christmas gifts. So, learning from their experience, I think I better start mine early!

Went through a lot of patterns on Christmas tree but decided to try Loops and Ramblings.’ Evergreen Tree pattern cos I like the leaves.

My princess thought the tree was too small and too plain. I agreed to make a bigger one on my next try.






My “Pao” Girl



When I saw these beautiful dolls at AmigurumiBB‘s blog, I told myself I just have to make one.  First, the dolls’ head shape attracted my attention. I have been making dolls with round spherical head and theirs is different. Secondly, I wanted to learn making fringe.

See my version. Initially I was flabbergasted to see the big face but now I have grew used to it. I called her my “Pao” (bun in Chinese) Girl.   😀


20130601_123920 20130601_123943



Dark Coloured Doll

A few of my friends loved this doll as she has such sweet smile but they would not get it as a gift because of the doll’s dark skin color. I am totally surprised with their color discrimination. I like a person for who they are, definitely not be biased on their skin color!  I love her more each time I brought her out.

Today, I have decided to make her some clothes. Don’t you agree she looks wonderful with the pink hat and outfit?


The Pink Lady

My younger sister saw the pink lady I made for my Chiang Mai project and has requested for one.  Compared to the last one I have made, my skill though still far from good but I have definitely improved 🙂

Thank you K & J Dolls for her pattern.


pink lady 01/06/13
pink lady 07/04/13