Minion from Despicable Me2

Minion carl  Introducing my first MINION!

This is what I have been working on, a MINION!  Isn’t he just so handsome!



I really love the minions in the movie Despicable Me and it has never crossed my mind that I could actually made one minion for myself. All thanks to Stephanie who helped to make this wish came true!

You could get the pattern from All About AMI.  I do agree with her that the pattern is quite intricate for a beginner, many parts to make and it took me quite a while to work that out but I can tell you, it really well worth the effort.

More pictures to show off my handsome guy!

Heavy eye bags after a hard day work
Took a pic with his other minion comrade, from McDonald’s



Hello Kitty Haze

Singapore is experiencing a really bad haze situation so when my friend sent me this picture, I really believed that McDonald’s was having this Hello Kitty plushie promotion! I was still think how cool was McDonald’s to be able to catch on with the haze situation so fast!  Well, I was wrong. It was only a prank my friend played on me.

In return, I decided to pull a prank on my friend instead. I have decided to make one plushie similar to the picture and tell my friend “look! I have got the Hello Kitty!”.

HK Haze



This is how I came up with this Hello Kitty with a mask. Purely made for fun and yes, this is the only one in the world for now!

20130720_121041 20130720_121046

Hello Kitty Craze


HK Pic 1

McDonald’s is having the Hello Kitty Collection craze again!

They are sooooo cute but  I am not someone who is so crazy enough to queue hours for the toys but I am crazy enough to make one myself!

Everyone knows how a Hello Kitty looks so it was very difficult to ‘capture’ her look. After several tries, managed to get the right eyes. Thanks to Elsie, my sis-in-law, who helped me with the eyes cutting.

20130714_131155 20130714_131605 20130714_131631