Phew! Finally completed all 25 of the little animals!!!




My younger sister, Janet, is leading the KidsRead Program ( you can read about the program here). I am not competently eloquent enough to read for the kids but  I wanted to do something for the kids to show my support.  It was agreed that I could work out 25 gifts for the kids for the coming Children’s Day.  Wow, I was getting nervous.

I wanted to come up with something that the

1.  the kids would love

2.  no duplication so they wouldn’t fight over it

3.  hopefully something small and handy so they could bring with them.

After weeks of researching, I am now conceptualising on my idea….


Apple Cosy

What better gift to give the Teachers!

I was so happy that my friend, Pam, given me this idea. Instead of the usual pen set and flowers, I think this is a much better and healthier gift for all the wonderful teachers. I believe I am the first person in Singapore to give the teachers an apple in a cosy!!! Before this, I have never even heard of a cosy!

The apple cosy is really easy to whip up.  I have listed a few sites that willing to share their patterns:

Crochet N Play

Little Abbee

Make All The Things

Petals to PicotsPetals

Vengan Lunch Box


These are some of the apple cosies I have made for my kids’ teachers. Once you are familiar with the pattern,  you could mix and match the colours and the buttons.

20130904_224426 20130904_224444 20130904_224458