Peppa Pig

Gladys asked me do I know Peppa Pig and I replied “yes”.  She was asking with hope that I could do something for her kids who love Peppa Pig. She told me she could not find any in the departmental stores. I agreed to help.

Thank you Dedri for giving me the headstart with her pattern.   Look What I Have Made!


20140219_080634 20140219_080648 20140219_080655 20140219_080705


Spring Bunnies

Love Stephanie’s Spring Bunny.

I really suck at sewing so I have decided to leave out the nose      -_-”


Zarine’s Elephant

Zarine showed me a picture of her son’s pet elephant toy which was very well loved. She hoped that I could make another one for him.

I was so happy to get the chance to make an elephant which I have never thought of.  Zarine has given me the size, colour and picture of the existing elephant so the challenge for me was to meet all the requirements.

I have finally found a pattern close to it but it was in Russian!  Nevertheless, I managed to complete my version.

20140202_143644 20140202_143738