It’s Super Monkey!


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, nooo, it’s Super Monkey!



Chu-Totoro Blue

This size Chu-Totoro looked so fine and right for a toddler that prompted me to make another one in baby blue colour.  Couldn’t help thinking to myself, how sweet it is.


Chu-Totoro Orange

Didn’t get enough from making the Oh-Totoro so I decided to make a smaller one. I was so keen to try out Lucy’s pattern.

This is my Chu-Totoro, in Orange. Colour chose by my gal.  Do you like this or you prefer my Oh-Totoro?




My Oh-Totoro

My guitar teacher is very supportive of my crochet passion and she has asked me to customize a Totoro for her, as a birthday present for her good friend, who loves Totoro.

I am so happy to be given the chance to try out this pattern from Lucy Ravenscar.  Thank you!

I am so glad my teacher loves it too!

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My Neighbour Totoro Movie

My Neighbour Totoro is a Japanese animated fantasy movie. It is set in 1958 Japan, a university professor, Tatsuo Kusakabe and his two daughters, Satsuki and Mei, moved into an old house to be closer to the hospital near their mother, Yasuko is recovering from a long-term illness. The story revolves around how the two girls got to know totoro and started a mysterious journey.

This movie is very captivating, not only it warms my heart, sometimes it can be a bit scary, a bit sad, a bit happy, and a bit touching, it dispenses enchantment. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it.

Totoro Moview