Heart Birthday Cake

Shortly after Monica got the rainbow slice cake for her mom, she came up with the idea to make a birthday cake for her boyfriend with a heart.

I have never made a whole cake and this is something challenging for me.

The whole cake is purely designed by me 🙂

20140621_114356 20140621_114421 20140621_114434




Little Yellow Mice

Shhh…found a litte mice squeaking in a corner…he looked so scare and helpless.



So pleased to come across Green Dragonfly’s blog. Love her clean and clear picture tutorial.  You can find her mousie’s pattern here.

1 more picture of my yellow mousie.  It really brighten up my prince’s desk!



Happy Birthday Ryan!


My brother sent me this photo of my nephew with his birthday present..

He loves the super hero monkey that I have made for him. By the way, Ryan is born in the year of the Monkey.

Wishing my dear nephew, a supreme day!