Give A Little Warmth


I chanced upon this “Give A Little Warmth” project on my Facebook. The Facebook group was created by Ms Karen Mitchell, together with Zhang Weiya on 21 Jan 2015 and as at to-date the group has 347 members and it is still growing.  The project was created in support of one of  Swanfund Group’s many missions. The main brief of this ‘Give A Little Warmth” project is to gather like-minded knitters who wants to share and contribute their creation with yarn. The group will contribute scarf, as it is the simplest starting-project for beginner knitters to attempt. It is also an item that the receivers will have close to their heart, keeping them warm. Anyone who knits, crochet, or have an interest in both, can contribute. You could not imagine how ecstatic I was, to finally chanced upon a charitable project organised by a Singapore group.  I have been wanting to use my passion in crocheting to help in some forms but most of the projects were organised by overseas volunteers, usually from the USA. My heartfelt thanks to Karen for taking the trouble to get in touch with Swanfund and came up with this wonderful idea. It provides a platform for the knitters to get-together to do something good for the society. Anyone keen to contribute can go to the link here to join.  The collection date is in end June 2015.


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