Baby P J Teddy



When I saw this little fellow in All About AMI‘s post, I fell in love with him and wanted to challenge myself to make such a little guy.

Do you think he is as cute as Stephanie’s?




My Pillow Bear

I have tried one of the most difficult pattern that is the doll, having to join limbs and attached hair. Phew, I think I better keep to some simpler patterns.

I realised I fumbled on the sewing part and it took up too much time so I decided to try this bear pillow pattern since it is square and only simple straight sewing up is required. Oh, and I get to learn how to change colour! 😀




My First Bear

I was totally new to amigurumi and did not know how to start. I was just so wrapped up with all the cuteness of the toys. I am really grateful how much information one could get from the internet. There were lots of really nice people who shared their tutorials and even free patterns. I came across a few of these wonderful people’s sites: All About Ami Planet June Ok, back to my project. Being a newbie, I realised it is impossible for me to complete 135 toys within 1.5 months but I persisted. I will try to do as many as I could instead of giving up without even trying right? I chose to do a little bear and I can tell you it was really tough.  I should have picked a simpler pattern to follow as a first project. The sewing up of parts kills me 😥 This is my first little bear and my princess commented it looks weird. Sadder now 😥

My first amigurumi bear