Little Doggy for My Buddy, Pam

My second buddy is someone who will not go gaga over a soft toy thus I have a really hard time deciding what to make for her.  Luck was on my side when I chanced upon the book “Ami Ami Dog 2” in the public library. It gave me the idea to make a doggy for her since she was born in the year of the Dog!

After flipping through the book I began to have some hesitation. The book was in Japanese and there were so many parts to make! I was happy that I have self taught long ago on how to read a chart diagram.  Finally, I decided on the Jack Russell Terrier.

I could tell you, it was really tough for me. I really feel like crying when the dog could not hold up as its head was too heavy. After much adjustments, I have managed to use the two front legs to balance out.  Thank God!

And here presenting to you my first beautiful doggy!


20130529_000128 20130529_000156