Happy Lunar New Year

Wishing my family and all my friends a Happy Lunar New Year.

Red fury horse = Huat, Huat, Huat (prosperous)



Are You Ready for Christmas?

Halloween is not even over and now I am talking about ┬áChristmas! ┬áBy the way, Halloween is not a big thing in Singapore. It is only ‘popular’ in recent years due to the influence by the American community living in the Woodlands area.

I always read from a number of crafty friends that they were always in a rush to make Christmas gifts. So, learning from their experience, I think I better start mine early!

Went through a lot of patterns on Christmas tree but decided to try Loops and Ramblings.’ Evergreen Tree pattern cos I like the leaves.

My princess thought the tree was too small and too plain. I agreed to make a bigger one on my next try.