Are You Ready for Christmas?

Halloween is not even over and now I am talking about  Christmas!  By the way, Halloween is not a big thing in Singapore. It is only ‘popular’ in recent years due to the influence by the American community living in the Woodlands area.

I always read from a number of crafty friends that they were always in a rush to make Christmas gifts. So, learning from their experience, I think I better start mine early!

Went through a lot of patterns on Christmas tree but decided to try Loops and Ramblings.’ Evergreen Tree pattern cos I like the leaves.

My princess thought the tree was too small and too plain. I agreed to make a bigger one on my next try.






Rose, Rose, I Love You~~~




Beautiful roses, my first try on flowers and I think it turned out wonderful! (self praise, hee hee).   Pattern taken from Planet June. Love her site as she is very detailed and comes with lots of picture tutorial. Chose this pattern as she went further to show how to make the calyx and the stalk.

Took me one week to finish up the 6 stalks of roses and since this will be a gift of love, I added a little heart to bundle up the roses. Isn’t it sweet?  I feel just great! Mission accomplished.




Made this rose bouquet for a young male colleague who wanted to give it to his girlfriend of 6 weeks!

(P.S. The girlfriend loved it so much that she bought a box of chocolate for me, sweet~~)


Heart Cactus for My Buddy, HT

Since my House of Blessings project is completed, I now have time to slow down my pace and take my time to think what I really want to do with my new found skill.

I immediately thought of my lunch buddies. I am blessed with 3 lovely ladies who I lunched with for almost every of my working days. We shared many stories, laughed and cried together and mostly , we enjoyed gossiping together. They are always there for me so  I wanted to do something special for them.

The first buddy came to mind is HT as I know she really loves plants. It did not take me long to decide on this heart cactus pattern from K & J Dolls as it represents HT’s love for greenery.

I have decided to drop the cup handle so it will look more like a flower pot



All wrapped up, ready to meet her new owner!