Project Serbia

Our group “Give A Little Warmth” is already into our 3rd year.

This year, our facilitator, Ms Eileen Ong, kickstarts a new project with Tzu Chi Deutschland e.v.  (Tzu Chi in Germany).  All handmade items will be distributed to refugees stranded in Serbia, a country in the Balkan Peninsula, south-eastern Europe.

The refugees are displaced from civil wars/conflicts in the Middle-east, South Asia, and Africa, they travel across the Mediterranean Sea or overland through Southeast Europe with the hope to start a new life in Western Europe Country. However, the rising number of such migrants led to European migrant crisis in 2015 and some countries in the Balkan Peninsula decided to block the migrant route in 2016, leaving many refugees stranded in Serbia to face one of the worst humanitarian crisis nowadays. It is estimated that there are 7000 stranded refugees in Serbia. Winter temperature in Serbia ranges from -20C to 10C, with an average winter temperature of 0C.

Tzu Chi volunteers in Europe started some relief works in Serbia by organizing food and clothes distribution which is especially needed during winter.

We hope to collect 2000 pieces of scarves and beanies. 1000 for men and 600 for women and another 400 for children.

Date : 23 Jul – 29 Jul so that items will be distributed in Sep/Oct before winter
Venue : Two locations – Woodlands and Pasir Ris, Singapore
* There will be a one week time-frame for all of us to drop off the items. Those who cannot drop by can opt to send them via Singpost or courier service.

If you are living in Singapore and are keen to join our group, do check out on our Facebook Give A Little Warmth.  This is a closed group.



Give A Little Warmth


I chanced upon this “Give A Little Warmth” project on my Facebook. The Facebook group was created by Ms Karen Mitchell, together with Zhang Weiya on 21 Jan 2015 and as at to-date the group has 347 members and it is still growing.  The project was created in support of one of  Swanfund Group’s many missions. The main brief of this ‘Give A Little Warmth” project is to gather like-minded knitters who wants to share and contribute their creation with yarn. The group will contribute scarf, as it is the simplest starting-project for beginner knitters to attempt. It is also an item that the receivers will have close to their heart, keeping them warm. Anyone who knits, crochet, or have an interest in both, can contribute. You could not imagine how ecstatic I was, to finally chanced upon a charitable project organised by a Singapore group.  I have been wanting to use my passion in crocheting to help in some forms but most of the projects were organised by overseas volunteers, usually from the USA. My heartfelt thanks to Karen for taking the trouble to get in touch with Swanfund and came up with this wonderful idea. It provides a platform for the knitters to get-together to do something good for the society. Anyone keen to contribute can go to the link here to join.  The collection date is in end June 2015.

Heart Birthday Cake

Shortly after Monica got the rainbow slice cake for her mom, she came up with the idea to make a birthday cake for her boyfriend with a heart.

I have never made a whole cake and this is something challenging for me.

The whole cake is purely designed by me 🙂

20140621_114356 20140621_114421 20140621_114434



Little Yellow Mice

Shhh…found a litte mice squeaking in a corner…he looked so scare and helpless.



So pleased to come across Green Dragonfly’s blog. Love her clean and clear picture tutorial.  You can find her mousie’s pattern here.

1 more picture of my yellow mousie.  It really brighten up my prince’s desk!



Happy Birthday Ryan!


My brother sent me this photo of my nephew with his birthday present..

He loves the super hero monkey that I have made for him. By the way, Ryan is born in the year of the Monkey.

Wishing my dear nephew, a supreme day!


My younger sister, Janet, is leading the KidsRead Program ( you can read about the program here). I am not competently eloquent enough to read for the kids but  I wanted to do something for the kids to show my support.  It was agreed that I could work out 25 gifts for the kids for the coming Children’s Day.  Wow, I was getting nervous.

I wanted to come up with something that the

1.  the kids would love

2.  no duplication so they wouldn’t fight over it

3.  hopefully something small and handy so they could bring with them.

After weeks of researching, I am now conceptualising on my idea….