My First Amigurumi Doll

I have decided to make dolls for the little girls at the orphanage so they can play dress-up. My first try in making a doll was far from easy. And yes, my sewing still sucks -_-”

I have used Alex’s Ida pattern Basic Female Doll as she is so kind to provide links on tutorials on how to join legs and attach hair.

Upon completed, I was initially flabbergasted by how my doll looks. Her head turned out to be bigger than what was shown in the pattern. Nevertheless, I got used to her “body proportion” and am proud of myself for able to complete her in less than a week (give myself a pat on the shoulder ^^ ).

More to go, fighting!!!

My first amigurumi doll



Little Owl

As you know, time is not on my side. After my first encounter with the bear pattern, I realised I need to look for simpler patterns. I am surprised to come across a lot of patterns on owl. Why owl? I do not know the reason so if anyone knows, do let me know ok?

I chose to follow aishakenza’s owl pattern in her blog isitatoy cos her owls looked really cute and easy. Well as usual, I struggled with the sewing of parts, other then that, I find her pattern easy to follow.

Here is my completed project. Do you like it?


My First Bear

I was totally new to amigurumi and did not know how to start. I was just so wrapped up with all the cuteness of the toys. I am really grateful how much information one could get from the internet. There were lots of really nice people who shared their tutorials and even free patterns. I came across a few of these wonderful people’s sites: All About Ami Planet June Ok, back to my project. Being a newbie, I realised it is impossible for me to complete 135 toys within 1.5 months but I persisted. I will try to do as many as I could instead of giving up without even trying right? I chose to do a little bear and I can tell you it was really tough.  I should have picked a simpler pattern to follow as a first project. The sewing up of parts kills me 😥 This is my first little bear and my princess commented it looks weird. Sadder now 😥

My first amigurumi bear

How I Get To Know Amigurumi

My company is planning a trip to Chiangmai and we will be visiting the House of Blessings, an orphanage adopted by the company I am working in.  I want to give the kids a gift which will light up their eyes. I did not want to give them the usual stuffs like food and stationery sets as these are stuffs that almost everyone gives.

I spent long hours surfing the internet, talking to people, browsing magazines just to get some ideas. And I chanced upon the magic word “Amigurumi”. This is just what I have been looking for!   It is not an easy task to buy 135 different toys and have them stuffed into my luggage and it will surely burn a big hole in my pocket too.  I did not want duplication to prevent toys snatching among the kids.So I was very excited as I know how to crochet and with this art, I can make a lot of different toys.

But my search did not end there…


Hello World!

Welcome to my blog!

Ever since I came across Amigurumi, my world has changed. And now, I am inspired to start a blog to journal my crafty experience.

I hope more friends can share my experience and theirs with me, join me and give me your comments, advices as well as encouragement!

I would love to hear from you ❤

Thank you.